Our Story

The Rotary Club of Le Sueur

Rotary and Our Club
The first Rotary Club was started by attorney Paul P. Harris in 1905. Mr. Harris formed the club so that professionals from varied vocations could get together to exchange ideas and form long-lasting friendships. The ideal of service soon became a part of Rotary. The members rotated their meetings between each other’s offices – the origin of the name Rotary. Rotarians now number 1.2 million participating in clubs all around the world. The Le Sueur Rotary Club was chartered on February 4,1948. We have about 30 members from diverse careers, and are always looking for business and professional persons and community service volunteers to become members.

Service and Fundraising
Le Sueur Rotarians volunteer in our community and elsewhere. Local projects include the Backpack Program (which provides weekend food for students who are in need) and the Turkey Trot (which raises funds that go directly to the Food Shelf and the Backpack Program). We fundraise in the community through BINGO during Giant Days and by selling Rotary Roses.. A top priority for Rotary is eradicating Polio worldwide –our PolioPlus project. We are almost there, but until the disease is eradicated, it can come back. We are working hard to keep our pledge to the children of the world to eradicate Polio.

Tuesday Meetings and Programs
The Le Sueur Rotary Club meets Tuesdays at noon at Oak Terrace. During these meetings, we go through our standard meeting agenda – pledge of allegiance, meal prayer, the Four-Way Test (see “Integrity” below) and fines/happy dollars. Each member is assigned a Tuesday during the year to plan a keynote speaker for the meeting.

The standard of high business and professional ethics is a part of Rotary. For example, as members of the Rotary Club of Le Sueur, we use the Four-Way Test in our business and personal lives. The test asks the following questions (and we recite these at every meeting):
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Le Sueur Rotary club members are busy and successful business and professional people who are supportive of each other and are dedicated to serving others through Rotary, carrying out Rotary’s Motto of Service Above Self. They are diverse in careers, personalities and talents. Some have been Rotarians for over 40 years and other less than a year.

Rotary Youth Exchange
The Rotary Club of Le Sueur has a longstanding tradition of hosting and sending Rotary Exchange Students. These high-school age students are hosted by Rotarians, community members, and Rotary Clubs for a school year.

Youth Programs
We provide youth with leadership, volunteer, and learning opportunities through Rotary Youth Exchange, our volunteer projects, college scholarships, and by sponsoring students who attend Rotary leadership events.

Our Members

Cheryl Amundson
James Anderson
Sandra Berggren
Julie Boyland
Betty Jo Braun
David Braun
Robert Broeder
John Chamberlain
Todd Coryell
Loren Edberg
Henry Endres
Ronald Grothe
Daniel Jacobsen
Dave Johnson
Roger Johnson
Newell Krogmann
Jasper Kruggel
Irene Manke
Monica Muchow
Douglas Nelson
Tom Obele
Robert Oberle
Bruce Olness
Sharon Pinney
Donna Tiede
Paul Traxler
David Tully
David Tycast
Jenny Wetzel
Layne Wilbright
Travis Worsheck

Our Presidents:

Current President, 201718
Dave Tycast

President-elect Nominee 2017-18 (President 2018-19)
Tom Obele

Immediate Past President: Henry Endres

Our Motto:

Friends Making a Difference in the World While Having Fun

Our Beginning

The club was chartered on February 4, 1948.