Why Rotary?

Irene Manke

I joined Rotary late in 2002 because I wanted to be active in my community. Rotary gave me that opportunity to be active as well as to interact with others in the community. It helped to channel my efforts. I took a "reverse sabbatical" in 2005 and returned to Rotary in January 2013 after retirement. My work with our Rotary Exchange student has been so gratifying. Now that I have more time to devote to community activities I have become a "professional volunteer" and Rotary is a huge part of my volunteer activities. I'm looking forward to serving in a leadership role in the coming years.

Henry Endres

When I joined Rotary in 2005, it was primarily for the fellowship and networking opportunities that Rotary provided. Since then, while those are still important, it is the opportunity to help with Rotary’s international efforts through the Rotary Foundation and our local service projects such as the backpack program and our annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot that have given me a better understanding and greater appreciation of Rotary’s “Service above Self” motto. It is through the Foundation and our local projects that our club can, and does, make a real impact in our world today. I am proud to be a member of the Le Sueur Rotary Club

Sharon Pinney

I joined Rotary in February of 2008. The attraction of joining Rotary was the opportunity to work with people who are like-minded in supporting the needs of people who can benefit from health care needs, scholarships, literacy, peacemaking and basic needs such as clean water and housing. Support is given locally and globally thru Rotary channels. Our local weekly programs give me more insight into the education, businesses, farming and volunteer programs that our members and friends are involved in. The harmony of our Rotary is one that creates a feeling that Rotary is fun and meaningful.

Newell Krogmann

To be a Rotarian is one of the best decisions I have ever made, right in the top of the list. The core values of service, fellowship, integrity, leadership, and diversity are all values with which I and so many others can identify. I truly enjoy being a Rotarian. My life, and I trust the lives of others, are better because of Rotary.

David Tycast

There are a few reasons why I joined the Rotary Club. First as a new small business owner I thought it was a great way to establish new connections throughout the community. Secondly I knew I wanted to be here (Le Sueur) for many years to come. It was important for me to be able to give back to the very community that I am a part of and Rotary was the vessel that allowed me to do that. Helping the community grow, thrive, and prosper is important for smaller communities. I want to make sure that continues to happen here and the local programs of the Rotary Club are one way we can make that happen. Rotary is an international organization and they do so much more besides on the local level but I initially joined to better serve my community as way to give back and help others, while having a little fun as well.